Do we gossip too much?

By | March 8, 2017

A new girl has just joined us here at Bury Park escorts. She is one of the worst gossips that I have never known and I can understand why she has worked at so many different escort agencies. I am not so sure that she is going to last here neither as she is just a bit too much. Eventually I think that the gents who use our escort agency are going to get worried and wonder if she is gossiping about them. That would not be okay at all.

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The thing is that she seems to be making up stories about all of here at Bury Park escorts. She tells them to her new gents in her dating diary and I don’t think that it helps the rest of us at all. It seems silly somehow, and it is a little bit like being the school bully. You want to stand out in the crowd and have it all. That is not going to happen on my watch. If I have to, I will complain about this girl to our boss at the agency

I think that there are couple of gents who are a little bit worried about her already. She keeps telling them things like other escorts phone their wives and tell them that they are dating escorts at Bury Park escorts. If they want to enjoy a date and at the same be sure that their partners are not contacted, they should date only her. It sounds a bit sick to me. All of the girls at the escort agency are trying to work as hard as possible, and we should not treat each other like that.

In general, I think that we gossip perhaps a bit too much, but this girl has no limits at all. She would not think twice about making up some sort of bit of malicious gossip about her colleagues at Bury Park escorts. I have been thinking about speaking to some of the girls at the other London escort services that she used to work for. It would just be interesting to know what they have to say about her, and how they handled the situation.

Do I gossip? No, I have to be honest and say that I stay away from gossip. I just think that it is something that we don’t need to do and it can seriously upset people. When I first started to work for Bury Park escorts, I realised that it was important t be discreet. I have stuck to my guns on that one, and do like to look after my gents. If you want to do well in escorting, I think that you need to know that there are some hard and fast rules that you need to be able to live by. One of them is not gossiping and discretion is the other one. If you can do that, you should do very well indeed and enjoy your escort career.

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