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Six Tips For Married Couples To Have A Better Sex Life

There is no question that there are quite a few benefits offered by long term relationships – loyalty, comfort, someone who is always there. However, for some, there is a drawback to long-term relationships – stale sex. But just because you have been married for several years does not mean your fun in the bedroom has to end. In fact, with a few tips, it can be hotter than ever before. Read on to learn six helpful tips that will rev up your sex life even after years together.

1. Write it down

When you both work, have kids and other responsibilities, there is no question that finding time to have sex can be tricky. A good way to make sure you both make time for sex is by writing it down. Put it on calendar or in your phone to remind yourself of your date to have sex. The anticipation will be a big turn on.

2. Have a quickie

If you don’t have time for full-on, leisure sex, then consider a few quickies from time to time. Consider giving each other oral sex before work or using vibrators for an orgasm without the need for much foreplay, or even have a ‘quickie’ prior to a party or other get-together.

3. Don’t hold back

One of the biggest secrets to great sex is open communication. Even after years and years of marriage there are still things to learn about each other – especially in the bedroom. Don’t be shy but rather put it ‘out there.’ That means everything you have ever wanted or needed.

4. Share the responsibility

Take turns initiating sex. If there is only one person who is always initiating sex, it can lead to feelings of rejection, resentment, and a power struggle. Take turns getting started, this will help both people feel wanted and desired.

5. Challenge yourself

Chances are you have heard of the 60 days of sex challenge. If you have found that you feel more like a roommate than lover for your partner, consider this challenge for yourself – have sex everyday for 60 days straight.

6. Eliminate expectations

Sex should not be a chore. If you are always trying to live up to someone else’s expectations, chances are you will not be able to enjoy the experience. Take the time to really enjoy all the fun you can have with each other without setting expectations for you or your partner.

When you use these tips, you will find that regardless of how long you have been married, you can still enjoy sex and with your long-term partner.